Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The data is stored on the AWS (Amazon Web Servers) in London, we use the same servers as Netflix and other big players to ensure that your data is safe at all times.
No, we want companies using OpsPal to have all members of staff on the system including cleaners, managers, part-time, full time, everyone.  We believe every member in the organisation is vital to the smooth and successful running of your business.  That is why you can have as many users as you need for no extra cost.  
OpsPal is a live system, therefore uses the internet so all changes are in real-time.  If however, you don’t have a good internet connection when you are in certain parts of your facility you can complete forms whilst you are on the move.  Then when you have a good signal again you can complete tasks.  
OpsPal can be used on any computer or laptop. Or when staff need to use OpsPal on the go any smart device will work.  This could be their mobile phones or a tablet, our software is designed to be used on a desktop as well as mobile screen.   Amazon Fires are reasonably priced and work great with OpsPal.
OpsPal is priced as a licence fee for the main site and then any add-on sites are a smaller additional cost. Please contact us for a quote for your site. 
OpsPal can be installed and the organisation trained up within 2 weeks.
Yes of course, it is easy to copy and paste any forms or documents you already use.
Yes, you can use text, pictures and videos.  We recommend using videos as these are great way to show staff exactly how you want something done without the need of a wordy document.  

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