Facility procedures are essential for managing excellent space.

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Task Overview

Create Procedures with Ease

OpsPal procedures application makes creating, editing, organising, and tracking changes to your facility and health and safety procedures easy.

Offering a full-text editor which allows you to include pictures and videos engaging your staff in new ways.  OpsPal allows you to set review dates to remind administrators to review any documents ensuring they are kept up to date.

Our fully mobile compatible system means your procedures can be accessed anywhere anytime, making it perfect for using on the job.

Utilise Videos For Training

The OpsPal business procedure application can be used as your digital training manual, allowing you to keep all your how-to guides in one place. 

A great benefit is using video for training, health and safety procedures, and written and pictorial guides.  This makes it easy for staff to view any facility procedure they need at any time. It’s one thing to understand a procedure when shown initially, but sometimes, we all need a little refresher if we haven’t done something for a while.

Problems updates

Make Updates & Easily Review Procedures

OpsPal means staff can view any procedure whenever they need to. In addition, the team can access a digital business reference library when required, which frees up Managers’ time by not having to go over procedures repeatedly.

Updates can be made instantly and easily to documents that all staff can view instantaneously. OpsPal facility procedures log shows a complete audit trail of staff ownership and accountability so there can be no more excuses for not following procedures. Staff must agree to understand procedures before being able to action them, giving the ability to evidence procedural understanding easily.

At a Glance

Digital staff inductions can be created for all departments, this supports consistency of procedures across organisations with all staff trained to the same standard.

  • Your digital training manual / All your how to guides in one place
  • Digital staff induction for all departments
  • Manager’s time freed up as staff can access a digital facility reference library
  • Full audit trail of staff ownership and accountability
  • Make instant updates in line with government guidelines
  • Supports consistency of procedures across organisation – all staff trained to the same standard
  • Hyperlink to relevant Risk Assessments
  • Percentage compliance to each procedure
  • Copy and paste your original documents for quick set-up
  • Search and find procedures quickly
  • All forms of media easily added
  • Light and Dark mode for personal preference

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