All Logged Tickets

This is where all your ticket information will be located, for both you and your organisation.

When you log a ticket, you control when the ticket gets closed; if we close off a ticket and you are not happy, you reply to our email, which will automatically re-open the issue, keeping you in control.

Videos for Every Aspect of Training

We like to practice what we preach here at OpsPal. So we create videos as they show you how to use the product; they say a picture shows a thousand words, and a video shows a thousand pictures.  Once you click onto  “support” your account section (top right where your initials are), you have access to over 50 videos to help explain how to use OpsPal.  There is a search bar to find the video you need quicker, and each video has chapters built in so you can fast forward the video the exact bit you need.

Community Area

This area is where you can ask questions, offer ideas and help us develop the product to do the things “you” need it to do.

We answer every request and let you and the rest of the community see the outcome.

There is also a voting system where you can contribute to future developments. The most votes from our customers will determine our plan of attack when it comes to improvements and future developments.

Have a question? Ask here

Our expert team are happy to answer any questions you may have

Mobile Friendly

Mobile optimized to work across all devices and platforms.

Full Audit Logging

Full audit logging on all activities and actions in your sites.

Full Support

OpsPal provides its users with full 24/7 technical support.