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Keeping a Facility Clean

The Importance of Keeping a Facility Clean

The cleanliness of your facility is important not only for the health and safety of your customers and employees but also for giving greater satisfaction whilst sustaining your brand image.

Your space must be suitable for all your customers!

Any facility with a constant flow of customers is difficult to keep clean, but it is vital to keep on top of it.

What can facility managers do to help keep their facility in tip-top condition, here are a few tips to help:


  • First impressions – from the moment the customer drives into the carpark or steps foot in your facility there is a chance to impress them.
  • The outside and carpark area is just as important, make sure weeds and rubbish is kept on top of.

Top Tip

Having procedures accessible to all staff lets them know what is expected of them

  • Ensure entrance areas and foyers are clean and tidy.
  • Facility managers should make sure all employees understand the best practices for keeping cleanliness consistent.  Without a suitable cleaning regime that is adhered to it will be impossible to keep the facility clean to any decent standard.  Make sure you have procedures in place so that all staff know what is expected of them.
  • Businesses can make cleaning easier and more productive by creating and adopting best practices, resulting in a better-looking facility and cost savings.
  • Toilets can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. As well as keeping your visitors coming back, clean toilets are important from a health point too.
  • Overflowing bins are unsightly and if the rubbish doesn’t fit in the bin, then this causes additional messes that need cleaning up. Everywhere should be checked for any rubbish that’s been left around.

Top Tip

Put several bin bags in bins so it’s quick and easy to change a bag


  • Make it a regular job to check the stock levels of soap, paper towels, toilet paper etc. Set a task for someone to do every hour or even more in high traffic area.
  • Air fresheners will help eliminate unpleasant smells that are very off-putting for customers.
  • Maintain equipment such as air conditioning units, set up tasks to check regularly to keep on top of them and deal with any breakdowns before they happen.

Top Tip

Set tasks in OpsPal to include maintaining equipment regularly.

This will cut down breakdowns.


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