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Why Cloud Facility Management Software could be the one thing you need in your organisation.

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So what is cloud facilities management software? Put simply, it is software that allows organisations to manage their facilities from a web-based system. This type of software is designed to help businesses save time and money by properly managing their buildings, assets, and staff more efficiently and effectively.

Cloud-based facilities management software is the new kid on the block for businesses.  Organisations have realised it offers more features, better reliability, lower costs, and more opportunities for customisation, thus allowing businesses to streamline operations like never before. So what can a cloud-based facility management software like OpsPal offer companies?


  1. Accessibility

Due to the browser-based nature of SaaS facilities management platform, this means they are accessible from virtually anywhere with internet access. The software exists in the cloud, meaning it’s available whenever you need it. This is particularly useful for facilities managers who manage a large space with several sites or staff that work remotely.
Being able to log on anywhere there’s an internet connection puts facilities managers in a position that allows them to be more accurate and thorough in their strategies, instead of guessing or relying on outdated information across spreadsheets or hand-written notes. Working in real-time returns real-time results through better decision-making.

  1. No restrictions to what device you use

With Cloud-based facility management software, it doesn’t matter what operating system your laptop / phone or tablet is running or what network you’re on.
Being able to access the same information with consistency and ease across every platform unlocks seamless potential for facilities management. A manager can use a desktop computer to let staff know what tasks need doing, this can be seen by staff on-site via their phone or tablet.  It doesn’t matter how many devices or operating systems are in play, information and accessibility remain consistent and in real-time.

  1. Always on, always current

Cloud-based software is “always-on” they are instantly accessible and always current to the most recent version of the data. It is likely the developer will want to update the software at certain intervals, this can be done easily and instantly by customers, closing security gaps and improving the user experience in real-time.

Cloud-based software has the advantage of being live—meaning data is cached and updated instantly. Changes can be made without the worry of having to save work or losing your hard work due to an unexpected outage. Documents are updated instantly and saved proactively—all on the most up-to-date version of the program.

4. Security

Cloud security is some of the best around when it comes to preventing cyberattacks, including those against facility management software. Protection is greater than ever for cloud-based security. 


  1. Tiered permissions and privacy

Not everyone in an organisation needs access to the same information.  Cleaners and department heads for example don’t require access to the same information and data.

Thanks to a tiered permissions system, cloud-based facilities management software like OpsPal maintains information in structured, protected ways. Admins can restrict access to data based on user groups or departments while enabling certain permissions for select employees. This reduces the risk of information mismanagement and keeps proprietary data away from those who don’t need to see it. Permissions can be managed centrally, allowing admins to instantly grant or deny access.

  1. Collaboration

Using cloud-based facility management software allows collaboration and consistency between everyone using it.

Collaboration through the cloud allows real-time updates and ensures everyone is on the same page. Each user is uniquely identified so comments, actions, and contributions are all logged. This with the tiered permissions allows to keep communication organised, simplified, and clear.

  1. Cost savings

One reason the use of cloud-based software has grown in recent years is that it is much more cost-effective. The fees may be monthly or annual, but they’re profoundly less and much more inclusive.

Huge cost savings can be generated by simply using the software within your organisation.  With better tools and more robust insights adding up to better overall facilities management, lowering tangible costs across the organisation.

  1. Protecting from technical problems

Another benefit from using cloud-based software is everything is backed up in real-time, meaning if your server crashes or there is a power cut you won’t lose everything. Another huge advantage is being able to access your software on another device should you need to.


 Businesses are constantly becoming more tech-driven, with the opportunities for optimisation continuing to rise. Using a cloud-based facilities management program will ensure you are equipped to not only grow but thrive whilst increasing productivity.

Take time to research what facilities management software will benefit you and your business.

For more information on OpsPal, our smart facility management software please get in touch and book a consultation and demo – polly@opspal.com

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